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CITY OF PLATTSBURGH TO RETURN TO IN-PERSON MEETINGS IN MAY   Beginning May ​3rd at 5pm - City Infrastructure Committee Meeting, all City of Plattsburgh committee and Regular meetings of the Common Council will return to in-person.   They will continue to be live streamed (link below)   Link:   Please find attached 2021 meeting schedule.   Please forward all requests for interviews or comments to: Beth Carlin 518-563-7701  


City of Plattsburgh, NY Rental Registration Application   Pursuant to the City of Plattsburgh Rental Registry Law, the owner of each building containing High Occupancy Rental Units* shall register the building with the City Code Enforcement Office. UNREGISTERED RENTAL PROPERTIES ARE UNLAWFUL. Permits will be issued for any residential rental dwelling subject to the Rental Registry Law upon the owner making application and certifying under oath and subject to perjury that said dwelling is in compliance with all applicable City and State Codes, Statutes, Laws, Ordinances and regulations. At the request of and with the consent of the owner, the Code Enforcement Official shall inspect the property for compliance within the life of the permit. A permit is valid for 3 Years from the date of approval. A renewal permit must be submitted 3 months prior to expiration of a permit. After an application is approved an inspection date and time will be scheduled. All fees must be paid for a permit to be approved. Owners with multiple properties must submit an application for each property. A Rental Registry Permit is not transferable to a new owner. In the event of a sale or other transaction a new permit must be applied for by the new owner within 5 business days of a transaction.  The applicant is advised that, in addition to any other remedies available under the law, any owner of a property which contains a building with High Occupancy Rental Units* who fails to comply with the minimum requirements of the City of Plattsburgh Rental Registry Law, must comply by applying for and obtaining a Rental Permit pursuant to the City of Plattsburgh Rental Registry Law, and given probable cause are subject to revocation or nonrenewal. Furthermore, the owner shall also be subject to all penalties set forth in said City of Plattsburgh Rental Registry Law.   * The following examples shall be considered High Occupancy Rental Units. Rental of single family residence or units within a duplex to more than four unrelated individuals who do not otherwise qualify as a “family” or “functional equivalent of a family”, or the  rental of multi-family dwelling units.                                                                                 Fees 3 Year Rental Permit  -                                $100 / Unit (Initial Inspection and 2 follow up inspections included)                                                                      Or $40/Unit/year for 3 years      Re-inspection after 2 failed follow ups -     $50 / visit Missed Inspection date / time -                    $50 / property (without 24 hour notice)   Link to Rental Registry Permit Application Form:  Application for Registration of Rental Housing.pdf Link to City Code 144-18 Rental Registry: City of Plattsburgh, NY Ecode360_144-18 Rental Registry.pdf  

Call to Artists - Artwork Needed

BETTY LITTLE ARTS PARK  The City of Plattsburgh is excited to announce the opportunity for local artists to display their work in the City’s new Betty Little Arts Park in the heart of downtown. Construction of the park will begin this spring with an estimated completion of fall 2021. Prominent park features include a seating plaza along Margaret Street with two (2) 5’ display pads, a splash pad, a central 10’ concrete pad for art, and two (2) additional 10’ pads for interactive art. The park will serve as a gathering space for people of all ages to enjoy our City’s growing arts scene with direct connectivity from the Strand Center for the Arts to the City’s new riverfront walkway and beyond.    For more information please use the link below or contact Malana Tamer, City Planner: 518.536.7527,  COP Art in the Park-Artist Information Package 2021.pdf

Bridge to Sailor's Beach Closed!

The bridge to Sailor's Beach is closed until further notice!